Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell

Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell
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Same body armor. Shit, man, they even have the same boots on. I figured they were with Vance. They stink of private contractors. Not hired out to anyone. Screw the clients. Z-Day changed commerce like that forever. Or to be more specific: natural gas. Did you know they add that dead meat smell to it? Kinda cool. The natural gas infrastructure I am currently staring at.

Not a single person has refrained from reminding me that my idea to blow the fuck out of Whispering Pines two months ago, was probably what caused the gas transfer station to shut down. Some failsafe kicked in and the lines went dead. It was the last vestige of civilization post-Z. Shit may have sucked with everything else, but at least we could count on the gas to flow and the water to be hot.

Oh, and the gas furnaces to run during those super cold nights. Yes, we might have been a little spoiled in Whispering Pines when it comes to apocalypse amenities. Crews are there sorting debris into useable and non-useable piles. In between the Z attacks, that is. Quite a bit of the fortifications surrounding the neighborhood were damaged, which means stray Zs are coming in all the time. I picked up the unfortunate nickname from a canny girl I rescued. You do not piss Elsbeth off. She called me Long Pork first and everyone else joined in.

Really kinda sucks. You know why? Because long pork is a euphemism for human meat. Long pork: the other white meat. And black meat.

More Jake Bible than you can probably stand!

And yellow meat, brown meat, red meat. My actual name is Jason Stanford, but I prefer Jace. No need to mince words during the apocalypse. Maybe we should get inside and see if there is some switch we can hit. Could be simple as that.

Z-Burbia 2 : Parkway to Hell

Narrows down my options, right quick. They stayed alive and hidden during the entire apocalypse, until they met up with me. That is my fault. I take full responsibility for that.

I will for the rest of my life. Not around Critter. Morals before Z-Day.

unifi8.smarthotspots.com/13485-mobile-phone.php We watch as the men walk down the grassy hill towards the swarm of Zs that surround the transfer station. Did I mention the dead meat smell? The smell just attracts them to the station and then they stand there, staring between the chain links, waiting.

Despite each of them having pistols holstered to their belts, the men use only melee weapons: crowbars, lengths of pipe, baseball bats, and machetes. Lips that were protected behind a nearly indestructible faceplate.

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The faceplate was connected to an impressive-looking helmet which was in turn secured to power armor that would have made every Galactic Fleet marine in the galaxy jealous. Gwreqs were a humanoid race, with four arms and stone skin that was nearly impervious to most weapons. An average Gwreq stood at least seven feet tall and had muscles upon muscles to back up their aggressive personalities. Regardless of their size, their strength, or the armor-like qualities of their skin, Roak had made easy work of the seven beings.

Fully taloned and about to shift into… And they are gone.

Love Beyond Loyalty

You have three Tcherians in full invisibility mode, Roak. Be careful. Their talons can penetrate your new armor.

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Tcherians were a chameleon race, able to change their skin so they could camouflage and blend into any surroundings. Naked, they could become completely invisible. Buttons are meant to be pressed, even in the apocalypse, right? Email optional, used for avatar.

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