Til The End Of Time

Til the End of Time
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They indicate how long something will happen or when it will start or end. Is one more correct than the other? No, until and till are both real and correct words.

Until, Till, or ’Til

In fact, till is the older of the two words, by several hundred years. Is one more formal than the other? Actually, yes. Until is usually perceived as slightly more formal than till —possibly because of the mistaken belief that till is just a shortened form of until. You can still use till in formal writing without being wrong.

Until is always correct. Till is also correct.

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It means the same thing as until , but it tends to lean a little more toward the casual side. Sometimes the single syllable of till is better for the rhythm of your sentence than the two syllables of until. That being said, you should keep in mind that even though till is perfectly correct and even older than until , not everybody knows that. That could present a problem in formal writing—not because the word itself is wrong but because of the misconception that follows it.

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'til the end of the line

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