Temptation Island

Temptation Island
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As this was going on, Benavidez and Samantha Hoffman went to his room to change into their bathing suits. Instead, they ended up naked in the shower. Understatement of the Season. Almost immediately after she entered his room, Benavidez asked her to get naked and exposed himself to her.

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Therefore, she undressed and got into the bed with an already naked Benavidez and Hoffman. The episode ended with Burgess lying on top of Benavidez and making out with him, while Hoffman cheered her on. Even though it seems pretty straightforward what happened that night, Benavidez took to his newly created Instagram page to defend his actions.

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I will be going on IG Live after the episode for anyone that is interested in discussing perception vs. Six hours later, he uploaded more text with four points explaining his behavior that night. I take full responsibility and regret it all and hope you will get to see that in future episodes. Think you can interpret what I mean by that.

A Real Man

Instead of falling apart, they decided to get engaged, but that almost seemed beside the point, an attempt to wedge in an audience expectation. As silly as this reality show may be, that was growth. That was big, what they went through.

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Kaci realized that her ultimatums were counterproductive, and seemed willing to reconnect with Evan. The reality of what everyone on Temptation Island chose to do hit Kaci the hardest, and she was inconsolable as a car drove her away. No, like, this is a joke. This has to be a joke.

This honestly really has to be a joke. How is this happening?

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It also left them both in better places: Evan moved to D. Many of the couples struggled with the scripts society demanded they follow.

I want respect. The toxicity of gender was leaching through the surface, though never directly discussed. But it never sank to the level of exploitative garbage, trashy without being purposeful or redemptive.

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The format has a mission. Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of Temptation Island is watching people who claim to be in loving relationships commit to the idea of seeing other people in order to figure themselves out.

Evan and Kaci

But if that person was already in a committed relationship? Your move, Paradise Hotel.