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You can select them to see as an example and start learning through those live examples because examples are the best ways for describing a particular thing. You can pick any topic from the online php tutorial and we will guide you with a complete package from the definition to the explanation in a well-versed manner. By creating an account you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an order status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made.

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PHP Tutorial. Latest Trending Technologies. What is PHP?

Write your first PHP Program. PHP Comments.

About MySQL database

HTTP header Function 9. It also covers advanced skills suitable for building dynamic websites. Code Profiling. The book has something for the web developers of all skill levels. Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon. Let's see a simple PHP example. Learning how to program is synonymous with learning how to speak a new language.

PHP echo and Print. PHP Forms. I was inspired by Yahoo Chat messenger at that time as there was no Facebook Design but I like this project because you can easily relate to it which makes learning easier. The course will teach you everything from front to back e.

What is PHP

However, this course is created while keeping all levels in mind, so if you are a beginner then still you can easily learn this course with a simple approach. In this course, you will learn how to create a CRUD application, which is what most of the web applications are.

Learning this concept will help you to better understand how to create registration system in PHP, and also it will help you to let your users interact with data if you building users based website like Facebook where users have the ability to update their messages or upload their images.


In short, a great hands-on course for junior web developer and web designer or anyone who is interested in web development using PHP and MySQL. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note. Thanks for reading this article so far.

There is a good chance that you may already know most of the stuff, and there are also a lot of useful free resources which you can use, I have also linked them here and there along with best resources, which are certainly not free, but worth of money. I am a particular fan of Udemy and Coursera courses as they are very affordable and provide a lot of values in a very small amount, but you are free to choose the course you want.

At the end of the day, you should have enough knowledge and experience about the things mentioned here. This is the actual database software.

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You can also use most other types of database SQL, Oracle etc. Next, scroll down through all this information. It is an excellent free set of scripts that will provide you with an administrative interface for your MySQL database s. You can add, remove, edit, backup and view your databases using this and it is especially useful when troubleshooting your databases. To do this I will be using an example all the way through. As you use this tutorial, you will learn how to create a web based contact management program. It will allow you to store names with their addresses, e-mail and phone numbers.

PHP Training and Tutorials

You will be able to update records and search the database. There will even be an option which allows you to send an e-mail out to all the people in the database please note: this system should not be used for spam or unsolicited e-mail.

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PHP Tutorials – Programming with MySQL and PHP. A set of tutorials derived from a series of lectures. Paul Gibbs – Ilfracombe, North Devon, England. The query above selects all the data in the "LastName" column from the " Employees" table. To learn more about SQL, please visit our SQL tutorial.

After creating this system you should have enough knowledge to go on and create nearly any type of database enabled site you want to. Advanced HTML. Rounded Table Corners.

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