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I made it and it turned into a some kind of roll that had a lot of dough.

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I cannot understand why there are so many negative comments! The recipe is called "basic" because you can customise it and add whatever you want. I didn't have any baking powder, so I used 1 teaspoon of plain baking soda instead. I used 6 tablespoons of sugar and added large chunks of fruit from a jar of peach jam. The result was wonderful! Oh, and BTW, this is the first time I make muffins.

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I like old fashioned muffins, the ones that aren't too sweet or rich. That said, this recipe is virtually identical to the "Basic Muffin" recipe from King Alfred Flour except that has more sugar and is made with oil at I made it today with blueberries and a second pan with choc chips, and it is indeed, boring. I couldn't get people to take seconds. Not sure what the issue is, but I might make savory instead of sweet muffins the next time, with corn meal or whole wheat flour, or poppy seeds, or lemon. Used this recipe for my very first attempt at making homemade muffins.

I added a little cinnamon and made a cinnamon butter to top it off. They turned out perfect! They do seem a little more like biscuits then muffins so I will definitely be making them again for side dishes. These muffins were absolutely terrible.

Looking for more easy muffin recipes?

They had no taste at all and were really doughy, almost resembled bread dough. Do not make. The directions were arranged in an odd way. The base recipe says 2 tablespoons of sugar, which doesn't seem to be enough. Following just the base recipe created a dough very much like bread. I probably won't use this recipe again.

Made the basic muffins and was so excited to give them a try! Cancel Print. Add to collection. Add to menu. Yield Makes 12 muffins. Butter muffin pans. Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in a large bowl.

Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Add the egg, milk, and butter, stirring only enough to dampen the flour; the batter should not be smooth. Spoon into the muffin pans, filling each cup about two-thirds full. Unless you add more sugar and call them cupcakes. Talk about versatility!

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They had no taste at all and were really doughy, almost resembled bread dough. This post is categorized under the muffins category. The simple muffin base is easy to make and it can be flavored with a variety of mix-ins. I want to eat calories. Cathie says.

Mix up the dry ingredients and when you add the wet team, toss in whatever fruit, nuts, or flavorings you have on hand. Coconut Lime Chocolate Chip is a winner! You can even prepare the baking mix ahead of time. I usually make up three or four quart-size mason jars to fill with the dry ingredients.

rocket oven: how much wood to bake pizza, corn bread, cookies, muffins and fruit loaf

I mark on the jar the wet ingredients that should be added later. I stash these in the pantry or the freezer for longer shelf life and then can use them throughout the coming weeks to have quick and easy muffins for breakfast. I was inspired by this recipe in Fine Cooking , but have tweaked it to fit the schedule of a busy mom. A few things of note about this recipe. I like the crunchier texture of the baked muffin this way. Also, the cups do get VERY full. If you want smaller muffins, go for it.

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There are many techniques for mixing cake batters, but the two most Cake or muffins heavy: batter undermixed, oven too hot, too much sugar or fat (or both). Paramount to the life skills curriculum was a blueberry muffin recipe that too much gluten in the batter (too much gluten equals tough muffins).

Just reduce the baking time. This easy muffin recipe allows you to make big bakery-style muffins to flavor any way you like. Preparation Time: 10 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes Total time: 35 minutes 12 large muffins.

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This recipe is great for freezer cooking but also makes a fantastic gift for someone. You are definitely gonna want to mix up several bags of the mix for later use once you taste how yummy these muffins are. Be sure to give them the directions! Alternatively, just fill a basket with baked muffins. Is there anything you can think of that could replace the yogurt?

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My husband is lactose intolerant… I can use Lactaid milk for the recipe but I don't know what to swap out the yogurt with. Jolene: If your husband is just lactose intolerant and does not have a milk allergy issues with milk protein then he should be able to tolerated yogurt. The lactose is broken down by the bacterial cultures so hopefully he can tolerate it.

My granddaughter is allergic to milk protein in general… so would a soy based yogurt , like Silk brand, substitute accurately?

Muffin Recipes + Tips for Baking Perfect Muffins

Thank you for answering, Jenni. I haven't got to the bottom of my inbox. I was thinking that was the case, but I'm glad to have an RD say so! I made these the other day for my husband who won't eat breakfast unless it's easy to grab. We both like them but both compared them to cornbread. What is it that makes us think that? The whole wheat flour maybe because it's a little grainier? It could depend on the grind of whole wheat flour. Try using WW pastry flour instead of regular WW flour. Where do you get those muffin cups? These are actually portion cups that my sister gave me. She promised me they were oven safe.

See how to make these Cinnamon Muffins here:

But, I really have no idea. Since the yogurt is probably for moisture mainly, I would just use 1 cup applesauce instead of the oil and yogurt.

The Great Muffin Makeover | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

I have a very similar muffin recipe and that is how I do it. I used this recipe for blueberry muffins last night and they turned out very good!

My batter was very thick though so I added a little more milk, and I had enough batter to do 18 large muffins. I used half succanat and half cane sugar and sour cream instead of the yogurt, but I think it would be really yummy with vanilla yogurt too! Thanks for the recipe! I know this is an old post, but…. I love those ones.

Makes them look like muffins, not cupcakes! Those are party cups, not really muffin cups. This might seem like a silly question, but where did you get those gorgeous muffin cups. They are actually party cups. Coming back to say that I made these muffins tonight and they were a huge success! I made it into a fun time with my kids. I filled the cups half way full, then let the kids put in some add-ins, then finished filling the cups.

The kids had a blast including my 3 year old niece and enjoyed eating their creations.