Der Maschinenmann (German Edition)

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Ms Laure This letter is provided at the request of [Ms Laure Translation Vorschlag Comment 1. Maybe provide a French or German equivalent so we can provide you with something more appropriate.

Der Maschinenmann (German Edition)

This, to me, doesn't sound right. The 'professional level in English' doesn't sound right to me either - maybe someone else has a better suggestion? Just from a gut feeling, the last line should read the student's name, not just "this landscape architect" - the latter might be considered impolite. Sources For Steve : thank you so much!

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Eigentlich frage ich mich immer welche Bedeutung hat engineering in englisch. Ist es nicht besser master's degree zu sagen? Danke im Voraus For Tom : 2 perhaps Master's degree would suit more than engineer. In French the meaning is clear, but I don't find the same meaning in English What do you think of that?


Comment I wouldn't use "has completed" as suggested by 2, because a date is included in the sentence therefore we need the simple past. On a similar certificate which I have, the heading is also "To whom it may concern" and it was provided "to be used for such purposes as Comment tomtom: yup, you're right - I missed the date.

Completed is better.

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Loreleichen: Engineering degree vs. Ansonsten etwas, was Deinem akademischen Titel entspricht. Zur Frage bzgl. Das hat mich ziemlich irritiert. Sources Dear all I have tried below to write a correct version of this certificate To whom it may concern I, C Regarding her degree qualification: Ms Laure This letter is provided at the request of Ms Laure Well i hope i have used all your advice : Any remarks? I studied 5 years, at the end I got this master in landscape architecture. I don't want to write too much stuff in this certificate.

Comment - completed her Master's degree.

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It is very unclear what this refers to. Did you get this degree in October or December , or what? I don't understand.

Comment My diploma thesis presentation was in October , but I got my degrees in December during the graduation ceremony So ist der Dipl. Maschinenbau Konstruktionsingenieur ein Mechanical Design Engineer. Mangels eines anderen Titels erhielten sie den Ingenieurtitel. Wie oben schon zu sehen ist, ist Landscape Architect wohl die richtige Englische Beschreibung. Dabei ist Dipl.

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Comment Perhaps She received two degrees Both are equivalent to a master's degree in engineering. I have used American spelling because you prefer it, not because I do Comment I don't have a major problem with landscape architects being regarded as "engineers". Also, IMHO the word "engineer" does NOT normally designate mere workmen such as locksmiths or mechanics, and furthermore it covers a wider spectrum of activity than Maschinenbau.

Studium Zeugnis

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Jean Paul habitually played with a multitude of droll and bizarre ideas: his work is characterized by wild metaphors as well as by digressive and partly labyrinthine plots. He mixed contemplation with literary theory: alongside spirited irony the reader finds bitter satire and mild humour; next to soberly realistic passages there are romanticized and often ironically-curtailed idylls, social commentary and political statements.

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The quick changes of mood attracted the composer Schumann whose Papillons was inspired by Jean Paul. His novels were especially admired by women. This was due to the empathy with which Jean Paul created the female characters in his works: never before in German literature were women represented with such psychological depth. At the same time however, his work contains misogynistic quips. Jean Paul's character may have been as diverse and as confusing as many of his novels: he was said to be very sociable and witty, while at the same time extremely sentimental: having an almost childlike nature, quickly moved to tears.

It is obvious from his works that his interests encompassed not only literature but also astronomy and other sciences. It is no surprise that the relationship of so capricious an author with the Weimar classicists Goethe and Schiller always remained ambivalent: Schiller once remarked that Jean Paul was as alien to him as someone who fell from the moon, and that he might have been worthy of admiration "if he had made as good use of his riches as other men made of their poverty. Although he always kept his distance from the classicists, who wanted to "absolutize" art, and although his theoretical approach most notably in his Introduction to Aesthetics was considerably influenced by Romanticism, it would be misleading to call him a Romantic without qualification.

Here too he kept his distance: with all his subjectivism he didn't absolutize the subject of the author as the Romantics often did.

Jean Paul had what had become rare amidst classical severity and romantic irony: humour. He also was one of the first who approached humour from a theoretical standpoint. He thought that both the Enlightenment and metaphysics had failed, though they still held importance for his worldview.

He arrived at a philosophy without illusions, and a state of humorous resignation. Correspondingly he was one of the first defenders of Schopenhauer's philosophy. He didn't try to indoctrinate but to portray human happiness, even and especially in an increasingly alienated environment — the rococo castles and bleak villages of Upper Franconia. Quotations The long sleep of death closes our scars, and the short sleep of life our wounds. Biography Lists Also Viewed.

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Auch die Arbeiten und ihre Bedingungen selbst wandeln sich, und auch hier ist die Entwicklung offen. Arthur deeply regretted his choice because he found his merchant training tedious, he spent twelve weeks of the tour attending a school in Wimbledon where he was unhappy and appalled by strict but intellectually shallow Anglican religiosity, which he continued to criticize in life despite his general Anglophilia. The New University of as seen from the Old University. Read the Text Version. This means that there are new challenges for strategies of contemporary labour conflicts: The more important time-critical transport of workforce and commodities becomes, the more central people working to surveil and secure this process will be. Video Tutorial. Birthplace of Christoph Martin Wieland in Oberholzheim ,

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