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Love the extra length of this pattern. So jumping in to my first KAL after 20yrs of knitting. I have always made a very simple shrug that is an old Nova Scotia traditional heritage pattern. Great accessory for the rocking chair.

How to Crochet a Shawl -# Lion Brand Pattern- - Yolanda Soto Lopez

It is now time to progress and this is just the pattern! Love the pattern! I have been putting off knitting myself a sweater for far too long — looks like this KAL will finally get me going. Thanks Lyon Brand Yarn Company. Beautiful shrug. I am new at knitting and just teaching myself to knit. It is going to be a challenge but all good things in life come with a challenge. Hope I know all the stitches.


Stefanie does some amazing knitting in Glam Knits. Knitting is fun. This will be fun! I love this pattern. Must make sure it yields the same gauge. I understand about the gauge thingy. This looks like it would be perfect for the office. I have never knitted a KAL before, but I will like trying this one. I have been wanting to make a shrug so this gives me the chance to do it on this KAL. Good luck everyone!! Zontee says: Hi Lisa, if you click through to the pattern, you will see that it is an intermediate pattern.

I am so excited to knit this great shrug. I have never joined a KAL and this just seems the perfect time to. Besides look at all the great company and support to keep going. Bad Penny is my favorite. We are comming into winter after avery long, hot dry summer.

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Daughter and daughter in law are fighting over who gets the first one! LOVE your newsletters, patterns etc. I loooove the look of this sweater, and love the green too! Good job! What a great sweater.

Now I have some incentive…. Love the shrug as well. I have not finished my CAL since I am making many modifications in the length and sleeves. However, I love to have many projects going on at the same time. I am finishing up my knitted market tote and am ready for the next knitting project. Looking forward to the next blog. Love, love, love Stefanie Japel…she is the bomb! Thank you Lion Brand! This a a first for me in all respects. At the age of 87, I can use the challenge and this looks like a great place to start.

Love it!! I really enjoyed the cable luxe tunic and it fits like a dream. Thanks for the KALS!

bot.devops.indosystem.com/familia-los-debates-que-no-tuvimos.php Is there a KAL project offered for beginners? I can do scarves, and I just started socks so far, so good! We really encourage people to participate KALS in order to expand their skills and experience levels, which is why we usually select slightly more advanced patterns.

You should definitely check out yarn community websites such as Ravelry. Fun project — would like to make it in the teal or maybe a lighter color and alter it to make the sleeves a bit shorter! I am looking forward to this. I had made a shrug for my 16 year old niece and had problems with picking up the stitches to do the ribbing.

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I am looking forward to learning more and doing better. I started a prayer shawl ministry goup and we all trade patterns and years and stories. We love how the homespun works up into the prayer shawls and its is sooooo soft. Thank you. I enjoy the emails and all your suggestions. How absolutely beautiful!!!! Printed the pattern out and will ask for some advice before I start. Thank you! Thanks for the opportunity. Love the pattern and the yarn choice for this Kal.

Crochet Yoke Pattern

I have a question. Can this pattern be adapted to do that? I love that Stefanie has brought some glamour to knitting arts.

These are sexy, classic and simply stunning! I am not sure my knitting skill are up to this, but I will try it out next week when my mom is in the hospital. Wish I could figure out HOW to knit!!!

I crochet, but my knitting ends up tangled and wonky…. This is my first KAL. I have been knitting for at least 60 years, never made a shrug. Until I got some of the things I have on the go finished. Still knitting in Canada. This looks perfect. Thanks LBY for making this possible.

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Now I will get the chance, because I will be having surgery and laid up for six weeks. Man, it is soooo gorgeous…. For all the beginners contemplating this, this is a great chance to expand and learn with dozens of people to help you here. Go for it! I am still a beginner when it comes to knitting sweaters but I am going to do my first knit-along. I tried one on my own and it was a little too hard for me at the time so I am excited about doing this shrug with other knitters. I am a little unsure about which yarn to choose and may need some help.

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Does the knit along start May 7th? The textured Circle shrug looks beautiful. Linda M. I made the jacket with the CAL group and loved it. This will be my first project with KAL. I ran out of steam before I even got really started on the last knit along! This is going to be a fun KAL.